"Backstage at CBGB’s Deedee Ramone and Richard TV Lloyd relax with a beer and a few good stories. (Pic: Leee Childers). While we’re giving line-ups, here are Private Stock recording artists Blondie. From left to right Gary Valentine, Clement Burke, Jimmy Destri, Debbie Blondie, and Chris Stein. (Pic: Leee Black Childers).The Heartbreakers pose as manager Leee Childers snaps their pic. From left to right they are Johnny Thunders, Walter Lure, Billy Rath, and Jerry Nolan.No wonder they say Syl is the smoothest thing on two wheels. Here he takes an exotic pose in Bob Gruen’s studio as Bob snaps the shutter. Recent arrivals on the NY Rock Scene are The Cramps. They’ve done several dates and have found a strong following among the NYC rock fans. From left Cramps are Brian Gregory, Ivy Rorschach, Miriam Linna, and Lux Interior. (Photo: James Sliman).. Johnny Thunders poses with Julie and Johnny Jr. for a family portrait by Bob Gruen. Wayne County, Jim Clifford, David Johansen, Johnny Thunders, and Cyrinda Foxe pitch in to spruce up On The Rocks, a recent addition to the list of NYC rock spots. (Pic: Leee Childers).”

- Rock Scene May 1977